Mini Tassels Tutorial

As promised, here is a new craft tutorial by me! It is a tutorial for making Mini Tassels, and i'm going to use them to decorate edge for my unfinished knit poncho.

 I got my inspiration for these mini tassels from my new scarf, who also has mini tassel trim sewn all around edge. I asked my sister how much it would cost to buy a trim like that and she said that it might cost alot, so I had to think of some kind of substitute for that trim.
Making mini tassels by myself suddenly came into my mind! And I already had everything to do that! :)

 You will need:
- Thread (you can also use embroidery thread, it's softer)
- Small piece of cardboard
- Needle
- Scissors
1. Cut a small piece of card. Mine was from a pack of markers and it was already folded in half.
2.  Then prepared a little piece of thread and a needle. You will need these to hold your tassel together later.

3. To start, take your long thread and put end of it where card edges meet (not the fold, but cut edges). Oooh, I always have to struggle with explaining something, especially in english.
 4. Now start wrapping! I wrapped around about 60 times, but this number depends on thickness of the thread and how thick tassels you want to make. If I would make these out of embroidery floss, I would wrap less times.
5. Next step is quite obvious and I even took a picture for it,but yeah - cut off the thread when you're done wrapping. :D
6. Next, take the short thread and run it under layers of wrapped thread using needle. Do this where top of the card is, where it is folded. 
Well, my picture might help understand, if not- comment, if a comment doesn't helps, a video shall be made! :D (Well,no.)
 7. Another obvious step - remove needle, because you won't need it anymore.

8.  Then tie this short thread once just to hold the thread abit for the next step.
 9. Then cut wrapped thread on the bottom. To make this step easier, slide the scissors between card.
10. After that, hold unfinished tassel together and remove the card.
11. Then make a knot with the short thread again in the same place.

 12. Then take the short thread again and make a knot on the side to form a tassel. This might be quite difficult at first, but practice makes perfect! Then make a knot on top of the tassel again. I didn't cut the thread off yet, as i'll need it for sewing my tassels on my poncho.

13. You can give your finished tassel a trim with scissors if necessary.
 14. And you're done! Make as much tassels as you want! :)
 With this giant vintage thread spool I found, I will be able to make tons of tassels and other projects!

 This a behind the scene photo I took after I was done with taking photos of the proccess. :)

I hope you liked my project, share it with everyone! :)

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