Hey there!

It's been so long since I've posted anything! I know, know, people hate excuses, but I want to tell you something.
So, today we had a new study course. Multimedia. I think it's how it's also called in English.

And what do I want to tell you?

I'm going to launch a new blog soon. It is an assigment for us all. It has to be aesthetically pleasing, have a distinct theme and, most importantly - a lot of unique visits. The more, the better!
Sure, I could just show this baby with it's 18888 views (wow, I didn't know that!), but I think it's too weird for public exposure. I would never have the guts to share it to someone. It has old stuff in it, personal stuff, awkward stuff...well, u get the gist.

My new blog will have structure and regular posts. YES. Like, I will try to post every day and these will be strictly about the theme. It's also one of the rules we have.

It will be fun, unusual and hopefully will leave someone wondering.

I won't tell you any details yet, but I got very giddy when I came up with my idea. Although people gave me some weird looks. :D

BUT! I won't delete this blog. I won't, hopefully, abandon it. It will stay here, because sometimes (maybe rare times) I do feel like writing things here.

When the new blog comes, I want you to share it around, give it some love and for you and your friends to click on it at least once!

That's seriously all I can ask for.

Have a good day/evening! :)



Hi to all!

I just want to let you know that i'm alive and well. I'm very busy with school. If i'm not doing school work, then i'm probably overthinking about it and stressing out. But hopefully I will finish some of the big stuff soon. Writing my course papers now. Need to write one final scenario, sadly I don't have any ideas I could use. I have some quite decent ideas in general, but I must keep in mind that I have to film it all by myself, find people who would like to be actors, locations, ect. It ain't easy, actually. But I also get to cat. I mean, be lazy. But yeah, school's important.

I hope  you're all well! :)


Storytime // How I learnt to ride a bicycle // #1


I decided to give a new kind of posts a try. Now, i'm not promising any magical unicorn wonders a.k.a. posting frequently or posting at all (if you people were more active and reminded me and stuff, I'd probably post more. Just sayin'. It's kind of your fault as well).

Anyways, that banner looks creepy and stuff, but it's because I put it together some time ago, like, around Halloween, maybe.

Basically, I'll just think of some random story from my life and write it here. Maybe sometimes, when I'll be in a fancy schmancy mood, I'll write a fictional story about said unicorns.

Off we go to the story!
(I suddenly ran out of ideas and I think I lost my writing mojo, because I ate a banana. Oooh, I thought of something. It's embarassing/whatever, whenever)


What do you do?

I've run out of proper entertainment ideas. I've watched plenty of YouTube videos, starting from Jimmy Fallon, then Sam Smith and Ed Sheeran interviews and lastly youtubers, Dan and Phil to be exact.

I've been lying on my back in an armchair for awhile and my back hurts. I can't decide whether I'm hungry or not. I guess I am.

I don't want to go to sleep, but I want to at the same time.

I want to play Scrabble. But I'm alone now. Feck.

But today was a good day. School was boring in general, but I liked the people. I had a nice chat to finish off the week nicely. Public transport is good sometimes. It makes you talk to people.

When I got home, I cleaned it. At least a part of it. I even started to scrub the doors, because sometimes I'm weird like that. My brother even asked me if I'm having guests tonight. I wish. Most of the time I don't care or I'm just lazy or I forget to clean things. Like, I tidied the living room, but then I kind of got tired and didn't tidy my own room. Si.

What else...Meh, I'll tell you another day.



Mērī Kristmas!

Hello! Happy holidays to you all! :)

I've been busy doing stuff, I still am. I have 2 weeks off, but I have to prepare for my exams. Yeeez.

Here are the pictures from last friday, I was one of the photographers at my school's ball (college, uni, whatever you call it in english):


I'm happy to have been the photographer, but there are also regrets, as always.
I wish I had listened to the band more (they're awesome, I found them on YouTube), danced more, eaten more pizza at the backstage, more cake, got drunk with my friends, taken more pictures with them, I wish went and took pictures of myself and other people at the photo corner.
But there was also good stuff! :D People wanting to take pictures (I didn't have to beg them), guys offering me drinks (dunno if it would happen if I wasn't wearing a pink dress and holding a camera), the band's drummer smiled at me while playing, so I could have a nice picture (didn't turn out nice anyways, it's my fault) and also the student council members (which i'm part of) were really appreciative of my work, they are a lovely bunch of people. :) And yes, I didn't expect to receive so many compliments from people. I won't forget that. And also I got my old classmate to be the dj at the rave room, he was very happy to do it.

Here is me and my study mate. Being serious photographers and stuff :D

Happy New Year, everyone! Party like there's no tomorrow! Pretend it's 1993 and put on some cheezy music!


A week in life // DAY 7


1:58 AM

Hello, yes, starting the last day of A week in life, probably the last, because there's only 7 days in a week, and i'm going to sleep as well.

12:09 AM

Gotta get out of bed now.

1:24 AM

I posted around 7 PM, I don't know where the text went. I also posted at 2:04 AM, but I deleted it. It was personal and it's quite irrelevant right now.
We went to see Staro Rīga. Google it. It is held because it's Latvia's birthday on the 18th. Staro Rīga was a disappointment for me. Everyone said how great it is, when actually it was just dumb artistic videos/animations projected on a few building's walls with sound. Same thing every year. I expected more light installations, lasers, lights in general and interactive activities. It was cold as fu as well, so it wasn't worth it.
Maybe i'm like this because I feel kind of depressed today. I couldn't find my place for most of the day, my sisters were mean and annoying at one moment and it ruined my mood, and then I went into Facebook and it was the last thing I needed to make me feel miserable.
Plus, I went there again after I got home and I really wish I didn't. But then again, it's better that I saw this today, not tomorrow, so maybe i'll forget about it tomorrow. Some people really don't know how to get any more attention and others turn out to be just a bunch of followers.
Luckily, I have Bastille to listen to. They helped me when I had a mini depression/existencial crisis during summer. Especially their song Overjoyed. It sounds magical when you're in a certain mood. It sounds rather sad when you're happy (I surely can say I was happy until today), but just right when you're feeling down.
Ok, that's it for today. Bye.


A week in life // DAY 6


2:59 AM

Yes, i'm still awake. Gonna regret it tomorrow. Especially because me and my sister planned to go to buy paints and brushes and other art stuff for our painting class, but i'm probably going to sleep for half of the day.

12:10 AM

I just woke up. 12 AM is not that bad, keeping in mind the fact that I went to sleep around 3 AM.
I will now go and make coffee & say hi to anyone who's there.

1:52 PM

I didn't go to make coffee right away. I spent 30 more minutes in bed checking Facebook and then when I was about to get up, my Mum came in to check if I was still alive. Casual.
Now I'll try to tidy my room and listen to some music.

1:42 AM

Life update: I photographed some car stuff for my Dad today, then I tried to tidy my room again, then I did some video editing of my parent's vacation footage from last year, then I managed some of my photos, then I made my Mum some tea, then everyone decided that I must go and exercise in our basement gym with girls, although i'm fine with my body image, kind of, but I went to exercise anyways. Then, when I couldn't lift any more weighs with my tiny arms (I don't think I really need that arm training, but oh well), I looked through the box with our old CD's and we even played some of them. Childhood memories. Then I forgot about the training and ate pizza. I felt like I earned it, although I would've eaten it anyways.Then I watched the ending of Despicable Me, because I missed the rest of the film due to my training session, and then me, my bros and my bro's girlfriend, watched the Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes. We finished not too long ago.
Now i'm here, typing. Oh yeah, me and my sister didn't go on art supply shopping today. I must go to sleep. Bye! :)