Mērī Kristmas!

Hello! Happy holidays to you all! :)

I've been busy doing stuff, I still am. I have 2 weeks off, but I have to prepare for my exams. Yeeez.

Here are the pictures from last friday, I was one of the photographers at my school's ball (college, uni, whatever you call it in english):


I'm happy to have been the photographer, but there are also regrets, as always.
I wish I had listened to the band more (they're awesome, I found them on YouTube), danced more, eaten more pizza at the backstage, more cake, got drunk with my friends, taken more pictures with them, I wish went and took pictures of myself and other people at the photo corner.
But there was also good stuff! :D People wanting to take pictures (I didn't have to beg them), guys offering me drinks (dunno if it would happen if I wasn't wearing a pink dress and holding a camera), the band's drummer smiled at me while playing, so I could have a nice picture (didn't turn out nice anyways, it's my fault) and also the student council members (which i'm part of) were really appreciative of my work, they are a lovely bunch of people. :) And yes, I didn't expect to receive so many compliments from people. I won't forget that. And also I got my old classmate to be the dj at the rave room, he was very happy to do it.

Here is me and my study mate. Being serious photographers and stuff :D

Happy New Year, everyone! Party like there's no tomorrow! Pretend it's 1993 and put on some cheezy music!