DIY Guest Book

Ello! ^-^

Guess what! A tutorial! :)

This is a guest book I made for our home (it's not a wedding one). Well, actually, I didn't make it, but I made it prettier! I had a thought that our family needs a guestbook - there's always somebody invited to our parties and, other than pictures and videos, what is a better way to remember good moments?
So I bought an album with blank paper pages, maybe it was a sketchbook, i don't know, and here's what I did! :)

You will need:
- Blank album/sketch book/scrap book with paper pages
- Plastic adhesive film (I dunno how it's called, it's the one used for books)
- Scissors
- Nail polish/paint
- Pencil
- Ruler

1. I really don't know how it's exactly called, but I think it is plastic adhesive film, it is used to cover books. I think you can buy it pretty much everywhere!
What you have to do is draw triangles onto paper side of it. There should be a grid, so it's easy peasy! :)

2. Cut out those triangles! I'd recommend you to use sharp scissors for this.

3. Remove paper and stick onto cover like so. :)

4. Continue to stick triangles until you're satisfied with the pattern. I didn't want to cover all of the cover, so I just did one side.

5. I didn't know how to explain this, but press sides of the triangles, so the paint won't leak under them. You can see it in the photo!

6. Try to paint outwards the edge of the film, this will also reduce the chance of leaked paint. That always ruins a nice paint work.

7. Colour in all of the triangles, and make sure you let the paint dry before each coat of paint! I also used purple nail polish, but since it was fast-dry polish, it didn't took too long to wait. :)

8. Wait for the paint to dry completely and carefully peel off the film. As the cover turned out to be some kind of paper-ish material, it came off a bit, but it isn't that visible. And the paint also almost came off in some places, but again, it is because of the cover material I think.

And you're done! :) Isn't that better than that plain album?

Now I must think of something to write on the first page, any suggestions?

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