Jumper Makeover

Hello everyone! :)

Today I'll show you have to give your jumper a makeover! ^-^

To be honest, I did this somewhere in August, so this is not new to me, but - my jumper still looks awesome! :)
It's kind of easy, but it can also get quite boring, so you might want to turn on a movie or something in the background.

You will need:
- jumper (new or used one)
- beads (I choosed pearls)
- bead caps (I took these from old necklace, but you can buy these anywhere)
- thread (1 color matching to jumper or beads, 1 to bead caps)
- small needle
- scissors
- marker (better use the one that fades, that special one or the one that washes off, the regular one)

 I took the bead caps from this old broken necklace (I think it was vintage).

1. Arrange beads and bead caps however you want. If you don't like pearls and those bead caps, you can use anything else, really! :)

2. I did a small area and measured how much space is between each bead and bead cap.

3. Then I marked spots for sewing beads and bead caps in the right places. I used regular washable marker. Even if it didn't wash out, there's beads on top of those marks anyways!

4. Sew on everything with matching thread. This might take awhile, so put a movie or something on. :) My brother had put Battle Ship on, I remember that! I didn't really paid much attention to it, but yeah, I kind of  watched it.

Continue sewing and you're done! :) Looks better than before, right? :) Not so plain anymore!