Lego Block Necklace

Hello everyone! Today I am going to show you how to make this colorful and fun Lego Block Necklace! :)

 It is very easy to make, and it doesn't requires much materials and patience! Follow my steps and you will have one too in no time! I made mine colorful and quite neony, but feel free to use less shocking bright colors! ^-^

You will need:
- Lego blocks (I was shocked that mine aren't real Legos, they're Cobi brand blocks :o)
- Eyepins (As much as your legos)
- Scissors or cutting pliers
- Candle + Fire
- Chain + some jumprings + necklace closure

First, choose your Legos (I know, mine aren't legos, but I'm still calling them legos :D). I picked orange one and then pink one, so it is more colorful. Red ones were supposed to be earrings, but my sister's baby stole one.You can always paint your blocks other colour, if you can't find the one you're looking for!
Then light your candle (or if you're a pro at heating things, hold a lighter and do following step), hold one eyepin and heat it, so you can melt the eyepin through the side of the lego block. Maybe don't use your fingers when doing this, you might burn yourself! I used tweezers for this.

 You might need to repeat this step until the eyepin goes through that plastic.
Then bend the eyepins to one side and cut. I used scissors for this, but you can be fancy and use pliers. :)
 Then secure eyepins with some glue, hot glue in my case. I guess I liked to heat things when I made this project. :D
 Then add a jumpring through each eyepins loops.
 Theeeen, attach your prepared legos to a chain. I took my chain from another necklace I made. So I already had added a closure to it and also there was a jumpring that connected both chain ends. I just opened that ring and added legos to it.
 Now, if you followed my steps, you can now proudly say: "I'm done!" :D
 Me wearing my finished Lego Block Necklace! :)