Polka Dot Nails

 Hello again! :) Today i'm going to share you how to paint these cute Polka Dot Nails!
Although I didn't have the best manicure ever when I did these, but I still love this look. Sometimes plain nail polish color is just too boring or too bright, but these polka dots can make your nails look better! Maybe just don't overdue the dots, so they don't look too strange. ;)

You will need:
- Base Coat (plain clear nail polish)
- White Nail Polish (or other light color nail polish)
- Red Nail Polish (or other bright color nail polish)
- Small Needle Pin (to make better dots)
- Some place to drop white nail polish on (like a sticky note or anything)

 1. Put some Base Coat to your nails. I did 2 coats, but you can do just one. Let dry.
 2. Then put some color nail polish to your nails. I did my red nails 2 coats of varnish. If you smudge your nails, don't worry, you can fix this with polka dots later!
3. Then, the most important part - polka dots! First, drop some white nail polish onto paper and then apply polka dots onto nails. I tried some dots onto paper before I started applying them to my nails. You can go random with these or try to keep dots the same size and position.
 When your done, let your nails dry and be careful not to spoil them. I did that a little.
 4. Apply final top coat to your nails with clear nail polish and you're done! :)
 I hope you enjoyed my tutorial!

Have a nice day! :)