Vampires and empty cinema hall

So, me and my sister just returned from cinema, we went to see Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. I realized that I really love that movie only when it came to end. 

As it was an 3D movie, it was very exciting to see all those vampires, action scenes and everything!

The funny part was that when we came to the cinema hall, there was only one man sitting and so we very only 3 people to see the film. Then, when they started to show adverts, only one more couple arrived late. Yeah, we were only five persons to see the film! That was like we were VIPs!

Another reason why I love this cinema so much - it's mostly empty, although the tickets are one of the cheapest around and the cinema itself opened only about 2 years ago (so it isn't horrible at all).

What me and my sister also liked? Lincoln's vampire friend Henry survived after all! :D

Now, go and see that movie if you haven't already! 

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Poster
Picture source - imdb.com

And not to end this action packed day - tonight on TV they are going to show a movie that I can't wait to see again - Cloverfield (2008)! It's about a monster who attacks New York and all the movie is like filmed with a hand camera! Yay!

Cloverfield Poster
Picture source - imdb.com

Have a nice day! :)