Almost Home Alone

As my brothers and their girlfriends went to Positivus festival today, I can feel like the only child in the family all weekend. Well,sometimes I feel  quite lonely, but then I remember, that on workdays they aren't really home anyways.

And also I can finally watch last films of the Harry Potter movie series! Yes, I consider myself as a fan of Harry Potter, but I haven't seen the last (now last two) films of series on cinema or on TV, because I didn't used to go to cinema regularly and they rarely show new films on TV.

I just watched Half Blood Prince movie. When it got to the part when Dumbledore got suddenly killed and found by the students on the floor, I started crying and couldn't stop myself, because it just seemed so, so illogical and unfair (from the good side's point of view)! Tomorrow i'm going to find out how these films could go on without him.o_o

Yes, I admit, I was shocked and I got emotional, but it is only sometimes. I promise. Good that I was watching it alone, actually, because there was no one to laugh or say stupid comments during the movie.

And yes, i'm going to post some craft projects soon, don't worry, in case you did! :)