Hi everyone, it turns out I came here to rant again, but this is really annoying and stupid.


As much as I like the ideas I find here, I HATE how they decline my submissions multiple times, because...

Just take a look:

This is the first photo I submitted after my declined December submission:

This is the last photo I submitted. I cropped it, so it's square and so they wouldn't complain about "awkward angle" (I thought that only humans can make awkward angles in photos). I also removed the text.

BUT they still declined it because of light issues. I took those pictures with DSLR camera, aren't they proffessional enough? Come on, I've seen worse pictures on there and I still question why they declined me that many times. I admit, my first photos weren't that good, but this wasn't taken with a phone camera! Lighting issues? You know, ribbons reflect light like crazy and it's supposed to be that bright!

I just wish they started to look at the actual projects and ideas a person wants to share, not judge the photo quality, that's not even that important when it comes to a great idea (i'm not saying this is the greatest idea ever, but I also think other people in the same situaton).

From now on, I won't ever try to submit something on Craftgawker again, ever. I won't change my picture again.There are other sites, too. For example, Cut Out + Keep gives everyone a try and don't judge them by pictures only.