A week in life // DAY 7


1:58 AM

Hello, yes, starting the last day of A week in life, probably the last, because there's only 7 days in a week, and i'm going to sleep as well.

12:09 AM

Gotta get out of bed now.

1:24 AM

I posted around 7 PM, I don't know where the text went. I also posted at 2:04 AM, but I deleted it. It was personal and it's quite irrelevant right now.
We went to see Staro Rīga. Google it. It is held because it's Latvia's birthday on the 18th. Staro Rīga was a disappointment for me. Everyone said how great it is, when actually it was just dumb artistic videos/animations projected on a few building's walls with sound. Same thing every year. I expected more light installations, lasers, lights in general and interactive activities. It was cold as fu as well, so it wasn't worth it.
Maybe i'm like this because I feel kind of depressed today. I couldn't find my place for most of the day, my sisters were mean and annoying at one moment and it ruined my mood, and then I went into Facebook and it was the last thing I needed to make me feel miserable.
Plus, I went there again after I got home and I really wish I didn't. But then again, it's better that I saw this today, not tomorrow, so maybe i'll forget about it tomorrow. Some people really don't know how to get any more attention and others turn out to be just a bunch of followers.
Luckily, I have Bastille to listen to. They helped me when I had a mini depression/existencial crisis during summer. Especially their song Overjoyed. It sounds magical when you're in a certain mood. It sounds rather sad when you're happy (I surely can say I was happy until today), but just right when you're feeling down.
Ok, that's it for today. Bye.