A week in life // DAY 6


2:59 AM

Yes, i'm still awake. Gonna regret it tomorrow. Especially because me and my sister planned to go to buy paints and brushes and other art stuff for our painting class, but i'm probably going to sleep for half of the day.

12:10 AM

I just woke up. 12 AM is not that bad, keeping in mind the fact that I went to sleep around 3 AM.
I will now go and make coffee & say hi to anyone who's there.

1:52 PM

I didn't go to make coffee right away. I spent 30 more minutes in bed checking Facebook and then when I was about to get up, my Mum came in to check if I was still alive. Casual.
Now I'll try to tidy my room and listen to some music.

1:42 AM

Life update: I photographed some car stuff for my Dad today, then I tried to tidy my room again, then I did some video editing of my parent's vacation footage from last year, then I managed some of my photos, then I made my Mum some tea, then everyone decided that I must go and exercise in our basement gym with girls, although i'm fine with my body image, kind of, but I went to exercise anyways. Then, when I couldn't lift any more weighs with my tiny arms (I don't think I really need that arm training, but oh well), I looked through the box with our old CD's and we even played some of them. Childhood memories. Then I forgot about the training and ate pizza. I felt like I earned it, although I would've eaten it anyways.Then I watched the ending of Despicable Me, because I missed the rest of the film due to my training session, and then me, my bros and my bro's girlfriend, watched the Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes. We finished not too long ago.
Now i'm here, typing. Oh yeah, me and my sister didn't go on art supply shopping today. I must go to sleep. Bye! :)