Week in life // DAY 5


1:18 AM

It's Friday, Friday, gotta go to sleep on Friday!

11:25 AM

I just woke up. Head hurts a bit. Probably because I slept for so long. I'm hungry too.

5:55 PM

On my way to cinema. Almost missed the bus again, haha.

2:27 AM

I'm still awake, I just don't feel like sleeping at all! I guess I slept so well last night, that my brain doesn't want to shut down right now.
Or maybe it is because i'm so glad I went to see Interstellar with my people. Yes, they're my people now. Maybe#. Anyways, the film was great, I didn't know what it was about before I went (well I knew that it was probably about space and such and such), so it was very interesting for me to see. A bit too long, maybe. Some parts of the plot were not completely clear for me and left me wondering. But all in all it was great. One of my study mates couldn't stress enough that it's a Christopher Nolan film and how great he is and how everyone must see some other film of his and how great this movie was going to be. I didn't say anything bad about it, haha. Then I had to meet up with my bros, but I quickly realised that I didn't know the way to the place they were at. Topographic idiotism. My other study mate was kind enough to walk me there. I don't know what I would have done without him. I'd probably keep ringing my brothers and stumble upon some drunk people.
Anyways, my bros had plans to go to places with friends and clearly I wasn't a part of that. My brother's girlfriend, my best friend, picked me up. There was her best friend in the car as well, I actually dunno why. They didn't have make-up or fancy clothes on, so I don't know what were their further plans. Getting drunk in a bedroom and remembering good ol' days, maybe. Maybe the friend came just for the company, I dunno.
Well, i'm glad I went out this evening! I got to talk with new people and they're awesome. Other people i'm close with from school are awesome as well, but it was great to hang out with someone else for a change. Oh, my two other study mates are working at the cinema, so we met them too. I mentioned my friend and then she appeared out of nowhere and we all had a hug moment. And the guy let us into the movie and let us bring in whatever we wanted, so we basically could've had bags full of snacks and drinks and it would be just fine.
Yeah. It's 2:51 AM, so bye!