Week in life // DAY 4


So, basically, i'm writing on Friday's 1:03 AM, and, in fact, I didn't write anything all day.
I almost fell asleep during lectures. I just couldn't help it.
I ate pancakes for lunch on our break. It was cold and windy but my friend made me go to the mall instead of school's cafeteria. Oh, well.
Then I went to Student Council (yep, i'm in SC) and there was a meeting and other student stuff. Not overly exciting.
Then I got home, the dinner was ready and it was yummy and awesome.
Then I tried to send Wednesday's pictures to my friend, but I failed. Then I had other deals too and I felt super busy and social. But before that I was on PC and fell asleep a bit. I wonder how i'm still up in this ungodly hour. :D
Then me and my sister went to painting class together for the first time. Hard to tell how useful that was, because all of this is based on q&a kind of thing, but i'm the kind of person who simply never asks questions. I just don't feel the need to ask anything. And it was just me and my sis, because all the people go to the other group and we don't have more people. The awkward factor was rather high.
Then I got home and tried to send the damn pics again with no luck. I wish e-mails didn't have file size limit. Now i'm trying to upload the pictures to Google Drive, but the internet is slow as fu. So i'm leaving the computer on for the night.
Ok, that's about my day so far. Bye! :)