A week in life // DAY 3

01:12 AM

Well hello on this fine Wednesday night! No, I didn't wake up now, i'm actually going to sleep. Long day tomorrow. Byyeee! :)

8:19 AM

I woke up 15 minutes ago and my tummy hurts weirdly. As if i've been lifting heavy weights or something. But I haven't. Now I have to get ready for school.

9:06 AM

I thought that i've already missed the  bus, but me and my Dad caught it. It was funny! I soon as I got out of the car I ran to the bus. It is unusually empty, actually. When I got in, there were only 2 more ladies here.
Today is the day. I'm going to hand in both of my scenarios. I don't wanna.
Today i'm accompanied with a camera. People don't sit beside me as usual. Like, "yeah, i'm gonna photograph you til death".

9:35 AM

I wonder why  the public transport is so empty. Probably because it was a national celebration day yesterday and everyone partied hard.
(It's a rather quiet and patriotic celebration actually)

9:15 PM

I just finished my dancing class. Still in school, got me self nut chocolate. Yummy! Waiting for someone to pick me up.
I've got super early morning tomorrow. Nay.
The bus was like 10 or 15 mins late again.
What else.. gonna write about my day so far when I'll get home.

11:41 PM

Finally going to sleep at an appropiate time! I also saw huge spider in our living room, then I went to brush my teeth and when I came back, it was gone. Dun, dun, duuuuunn! I hope it doesn't eat me at night.
Anyways, my sister just got back from One Republic concert. Said it was awesome. Well sure it was! I've known them for a super long time also, but I didn't buy the ticket. But I calm myself with the idea of seeing Mr.Sheeran himself live at that same arena, so it's fine I guess.
In other news, today was a looong day. After lectures  (screenwriting and acting) me and my friend decided to use school's photo studio to do our photography homework - make portraits of people. There were 2 more girls so it was quite fun. If I didn't have to go to my dancing class, i'd stayed for longer. And now I know that I can't model. One simply must have the talent to vogue.
Well then, i'm off to sleep.
Good night! :)