A week in life // DAY 2


00:43 AM

I finished the Monday's post and then accidentally published this not that one & IT WAS HORRIBLE. Now it'$ fine. I'm going to sleep.

8:38 AM

I am a bit late because the alarm clock didn't ring again.

9:14 AM

I'm on my way to school. My brother and my Dad is driving me there again because they need the car paint shop that's near my school. Otherwise i'm on the bus basically every day.

9:38 AM

I just arrived at scool. It is dead quiet here. As usual. I realised that the spot on my light jeans hasn't washed out. Damn it.

11:43 AM

Finished first lecture and I just had fūd.

5:47 PM

Such a long day, going home from school just now.

5:50 PM

Never written a blog post while being on public transport. Now that's something new and cool for me wee blog.

6:22 PM

Still on my way. I'm hungry. I've only had a cup of chocolate and a piece of candy since my lunch. Yeah. Culture Club - Do You Really Want To Hurt Me is da bomb.

10:06 PM

I just finished my other scenario homework and just printed out both scenarios. I wasted paper again because I never remember how manual duplex printing works. Hopefully, I will from now on.
I need ladie's room, so i've gotta go for now.

11:49 PM

I'm about to do my nails. It's a bit late, I know.
Today was different. Kind of. We have new lectures from now on. Audiovisual technologies. The lecturer seemed like a cool man at first, like others, but then BAM! It was like in middle school. No phones, no being late. But it was funny watching people who were late and didn't know about the rules. He was just silently standing there and judging them, until they said 'good day' and 'sorry for being late and interrupting'.
3 long hours those were. If the lecture was in the morning, not afternoon, it would be more bearable and interesting.
After school I was about to go to bus and pick something yummy from the mall on the go. But I had a company of my two study mates. I had talked to the guy, but I hadn't really talked to the girl since this week. Funny this new life is. You don't talk to someone for the past 2 months and then you suddenly go shopping together. Turns out you live not too far from each other. Cool. I might go and see  a movie with them on Friday.
But now, I must do my nails, it's 00:01 AM already.

1:09 AM

It's Wednesday already, I know, but what you gotta do? Finishing my day here. Was nice talking to new people.