A week in life // DAY 1


1:25 AM

I just got this blogger app on my phone again. I can't sleep and I have to get up at 8 am. I just realised that i'm hungry aswell.
"And i'm hungry like the wolf!"
Yes, I just got a random song in my head. It's all the rage now, didn't you know?
Ahh, I must try to sleep. I didn't plan to write so much. maybe#

5:01 PM

I have failed to document my day so far.
Currently i'm working on my screenwriting homework. The task is to write a dialogue between me today and my 13 year old self, on a visit. I made the 13 year old self visit my 19 year old self, although I never really went anywhere on my own when I was 13, so this scenario is basically a lie. Yēs.
Today so far: I woke up fine. I went to school, it was fine. I didn't enjoy my photography class homework I did, but I had to show it anyways. I went first. How unusual for me. Then we ate at our cafeteria, there's a real chinese chef from China making us chinese food. I had noodles. I wasn't alone, so I couldn't make weird food pictures for you. I am deeply sorry.Then we tested our interviewing skills at english class. It was rather fun actually. Then me and my brother went to bank, I had to finish things with school and bank, now errthing is tip-top. Then we bought a cake, because it's Mr. Dad's birthday today. The cake, moments after it was bought: (i dunno how to attach pictures from the app, so imagine cake picture).
Now i'm home, in my parent's bed, writing this. I don't want to go dancing, but I have to.

6:53 PM

I'm waiting for the bus. It is late as fu. As a result, i'll be late for my dance class. It's not too cold, but it's dark and windy, and wet. Where is that damn bus?!

10:18 PM

Life update: the bus never came. It comes once an hour and I really relied on it. After 25 minutes of waiting and already being late, my mum called me if I was ok and then we decided that my bro will pick me up and drive me there. I also forgot my dancing slippers. #fun
When I was waiting for my brother to come, I was alone with an old man at one point. He was a bit drunk and he admitted that something's wrong with his head. But he meant no harm. He was lost. As much as I understood from him, he already went to the nearby police station, but they didn't really help him. He said where he's from, but I didn't recognise the place, so I couldn't help him either. I just told him that the next bus would be coming soon and that's it. He kept repeating his story. I hadn't spoken in russian since I graduated. Never felt the need to do it. But now I forgot everything and tried to somehow help him. Poor man. Very sad. I hope he found his way home.
In other news, first world problems! I found out that hot chocolate at my old school is cheaper and better than at my current school. I informed my study mates that our school's coffee machine is a scam. There was no reaction. What do they know.
I'm off to take a shower.

11:09 PM

I'm having a sandwich.

00:32 AM

It's technically Tuesday, but i'm finishing my Monday here. I wish I could add pictures. Maybe tomorrow from computer (updating this).Gotta sleep and stop chatting with people. Gotta ask for Halloween pictures as soon as possible, why can't I ask him?
Anyways, byyeee!

*further explanations about this all later*