Hey there!

It's been so long since I've posted anything! I know, know, people hate excuses, but I want to tell you something.
So, today we had a new study course. Multimedia. I think it's how it's also called in English.

And what do I want to tell you?

I'm going to launch a new blog soon. It is an assigment for us all. It has to be aesthetically pleasing, have a distinct theme and, most importantly - a lot of unique visits. The more, the better!
Sure, I could just show this baby with it's 18888 views (wow, I didn't know that!), but I think it's too weird for public exposure. I would never have the guts to share it to someone. It has old stuff in it, personal stuff, awkward stuff...well, u get the gist.

My new blog will have structure and regular posts. YES. Like, I will try to post every day and these will be strictly about the theme. It's also one of the rules we have.

It will be fun, unusual and hopefully will leave someone wondering.

I won't tell you any details yet, but I got very giddy when I came up with my idea. Although people gave me some weird looks. :D

BUT! I won't delete this blog. I won't, hopefully, abandon it. It will stay here, because sometimes (maybe rare times) I do feel like writing things here.

When the new blog comes, I want you to share it around, give it some love and for you and your friends to click on it at least once!

That's seriously all I can ask for.

Have a good day/evening! :)