Storytime // How I learnt to ride a bicycle // #1


I decided to give a new kind of posts a try. Now, i'm not promising any magical unicorn wonders a.k.a. posting frequently or posting at all (if you people were more active and reminded me and stuff, I'd probably post more. Just sayin'. It's kind of your fault as well).

Anyways, that banner looks creepy and stuff, but it's because I put it together some time ago, like, around Halloween, maybe.

Basically, I'll just think of some random story from my life and write it here. Maybe sometimes, when I'll be in a fancy schmancy mood, I'll write a fictional story about said unicorns.

Off we go to the story!
(I suddenly ran out of ideas and I think I lost my writing mojo, because I ate a banana. Oooh, I thought of something. It's embarassing/whatever, whenever)

Let me tell you about how I learnt to ride a bicycle. When I was little, I just couldn't do it (we are talking 5-7 years old here). I was nervous about it and I was afraid that I would fall and get hurt. Everybody, mostly my dad, tried to help me learn to do it. It was hopeless. I remember I had a tricyle that I could drive when I was super little, so there was a bit of success. But the point is - I couldn't ride a bike without training wheels on for a long time.
As I got older, it got rather embarassing among other children. They simply wouldn't understand why I couldn't ride a bike and made fun of me. Stupid kids. (Sorry, but it's true)
On my 7th birthday, I was given a bicycle of my own - a proper, sturdy bike - ready to roll. It was dark red with sparkly bits in the paint coat. It was a mountain bike, so it was quite heavy, but it was medium size - kind of like a bigger bmx (in fact, I still have it somewhere in the garage, it's a bit rusty, but it's another story).
I really wanted to learn how to ride a bicycle, because my gift was gathering dust, as I couldn't use it. It was kind of painful, actually. I couldn't join my classmates on their bike rides or join my brothers when they played outside. I was a Dora who couldn't explore.
So, how did I finally learn to ride a bicylcle?
My dad works at a boiler house (I dunno if Google translate did the job correctly - it's the place where heat is produced and delivered to the city), and outside this place is a big territory. The previous owners didn't really mind if some people got in here (family members, for example. Only yesterday I got into the building in years since the owners changed, ahh the memories). There were asphalted fields and trails all around this territory, so my dad thought that I could try to practice my driving skills here and possibly learn to ride a bike. I actually loved going there. There used to be all kinds of old unwanted cars and technical stuff, like USSR things (I love old stuff, I just do). A lot of times my brother or both of them went along and it was fun.
One day, I was there to do what I did other times I was there. And then finally - I sat on a bike and drove off. Just like that. I just rode all around the place and I was so happy and I shouted "Dad! Dad! Look! I can ride a bike!". It was awesome, I felt like I could accomplish anything. I finally learnt to ride a bicylcle. At the age of 11. Yeah.
There was also a steep slope in the territory, covered with asphalt. I, naturally, wanted to drive all the way down it. I barely could use the brakes. Of course. I crashed into the wire fence and then laughed like a maniac and wanted to do it again to see if I could avoid the fence the next time.

And that's about it. I don't know if there was more to tell about it (well, there is, but it's rather hard to explain the whole picture). I hope you liked it!
Remember - it's better to try to do something later than to never try it at all.
I'll leave you with it.