Magazine Table Revamp

Hello everyone! Time for a new post! ^-^  I revamped this old magazine table that was about to be taken to the trash. I just couldn't let this happen, because i've always wanted to revamp a table and so this table was delivered to me!

What i used was:
- sandpaper and sandpaper holder
- white paint
- paintbrush and paint roller
- white craft glue
- pretty paper
- scissors, pencil, newspaper, ruler

First, i cleaned the table and then i started sanding the surface. I only sanded enough to get the surface matte and ready to paint. I could also use a sanding machine, but my dad couldn't find it, so i had to do this by hand. Later my brothers gave me that sandpaper holder, wich made the sanding process easier. My brother helped me to finish sanding and then i cleaned off the dust from the process. Then the table was ready for painting. I painted the surface 3 times, if i would not be so lazy, i could also paint 4th time. :) After the paint had dried, i kind of decoupaged some pretty paper onto top of the table. I made that pattern for paper with some newspaper. Now i only have to put some varnish all over and the table will be completed!