Tutorial - Single Dot Stamp

Have you ever wanted a polka dot stamp, but never had one? No worries, i have an easy and quick tutorial on how to create your own single dot stamp! Stamp those dots in classic polka-dot pattern or go wild and stamp some random dots on your greeting cards, notebooks, everywhere you want!

You will need:
- a hole punch
- a bottle cap (mine was from a sports drink bottle, that clear one, but others will be just fine)
- craft knife (also called x-acto knife)
- old/new erasers or foam (maybe that would be better)

1. First thing you do is slice a piece from your eraser. About 1-2 mm, thick enough to fit into your hole punch. Be careful! I don't want to hear anyone complaining about cutting their fingers off because of my tutorial. :D
2. Then position this slice into your holepunch. As you can see, my holepunch has somehow lost it's bottom, so  it was really easy for me to do that.
3. Theeen, punch out your dots! As much as you need, or until you get a perfect dot.
4. After that, i tested the best dots with my super cool kiddie stamp pad (it's in a shape of a tree!:D) Then the best of the best dot was selected.
5. Finally, you can glue your dot on to the bottle cap (the cap is for easier use)!
6. Step number six is for stamping! I combined my dot stamp with those kiddy stamps and i think that it looks really cute! ^-^ I also used some white paint in a really thin layer, that works too!
Have fun! ;)