Sneak Peek for aneniine on Etsy

Yesterday I felt inspired to do something for my Etsy shop again, so I borroved my sister's cool proffessional camera and took some pictures for my fabric bows! :)

Here's a little sneak  peek of what I will be offering in my shop in the future:

 And the customers will have the chance to choose bobby pins that matches their hair color! :)

I really wish I could open my shop right now, but I have to open up my own credit card for this and create my own Paypal account (you see, im young, that's why I didn't have to have a credit card before). :(

But until that, I have to beat my lazyness and make more bows, my sister provides me with a huge pile of scrap fabric constantly, she's a seamstress! :) THANK YOU!

I also wish that my blog always had as great pictures as these, not the ones i'm having now! :D

Have a nice day! :)