Stamping With Random Objects

This post is about stamping using paint and random objects I found on my desk.
Because I was really bored, I started messing around with blue acrylic paint that couldn't be washed off until the next day. I was walking around with blue fingers all day! :D I also drew doodles on my arms, but that is a different story. :)

To repeat this mess, you will need:
- Paint (You can try to use stamp pad for flat objects)
- Paper or other surface to stamp on
- Random objects, like acorns, screws, legos, ect.

I started with flat top screw. You can make round shapes with cross/star in the middle. These are good for repeating patterns!
When covering the screw's body with paint and rolling it on paper, you can get rows of lines! But these lines tend to roll in rounds, so no straight lines here.

Next on the list was a lego block. Simple,small lego block,but you can stamp with it's side to get rectangles, use the top of it to have rows of mini dots or use the back side of the block to get a rectangle/square with a dot within it!

Then comes a cocktail straw. You can make polka dots with it, make line patterns or use the striped part of it to make straight rows of lines just like with the screw.

Using pine cones is the most messiest stamping technique and it doesn't really makes a fancy pattern, but I still tried it and these are the results:

And that's it! If this post inspired you, feel free to also try other objects to stamp with!

Have a nice day! :)