Valentine's Day Heart Brooch

Hi! :)

I don't think I'm going to celebrate Valentine's Day this year, but I made myself this nice brooch to show others that I kind of do celebrate it! Nothing fancy, but I'm sure you can make it too! :)

I glued everything with super glue, but I'm sure you can sew it, too!

You will need:
- Felt (red, pink or any other color of your choice)
- Scissors
- Heart Pattern (fold some paper in half, draw half heart shape on fold and cut it out! Nothing you can't do. If you can't, then, oh well, google some heart shape pictures and print out)
- Pen or marker (to trace the pattern)
- Embellishments (crystals, sequins, beads - anything will work fine)
- Glue (I used super glue. Maybe not the best choice as I almost got my fingers stuck, but it does hold everything together great and fast)
- Optional: Needle and thread (if you're not into glueing things)

1. Trace around heart pattern twice (check out 'you will need' section for instructions of making this pattern).
2.  Cut out both pieces.
 3. Glue on embellishments.
Be careful if you're using super glue, as it can glue your fingers together! You might also use tweezers for this.
(Those mini tweezers were hidden in my mini pocket knife! ^-^ Ahh, I remember that was a big surprise for me. :D)

 4. I covered whole heart mostly with round sequins,but I also added two gems and some beads, too!
Oh, and don't apply too much glue, as it might mess everything up! Be also careful with that. :)
 5. Then cut little marks to the other piece. Just fold it horizontally and cut, making sure you don't cut those openings too big.
Then just attach safety pin or if you have some, a brooch back. Actually, if you're using one, you can just sew/glue it to the back!
 6. Then finally, glue both pieces together (or sew), wrong sides together.
You can also carefully trim around edges afterwards if they don't seem to fit perfectly!

Enjoy your new Valentine's Day accessory! :)

Have a nice day! :)