DIY Tequila Shirt

Hello! :)

Recently I made this cool shirt with random design I found on the net - "1 tequila, 2 tequila, 3 tequila, FLOOR!" :D 
The only problem is that I cannot find an occassion where to wear it. Parties, yes, but where else? :)
If you're thinking the same, don't worry, you can still use this technique for other designs!

 I had bought 3 same shirts with different colors (there is a huge sale at that shop), because I see that these kind of shirts with rolled up sleeves are getting quite popular and I had to buy them!

 You will need:
- Shirt
- Design (printed out reversed)
- Scissors/Craft Knife
- Adhesive P.P. Film (can be bought at any stationery shop)
- Fabric Paint
- Sponge

I never remembered how that plastic book-wrapping thing was called, turns out it is adhesive p.p. film, it was written on the roll itself. Still have no idea how it's called in latvian, luckily we can describe it easier than in english. :D

1. Cut adhesive film to fit design page (doesn't sound right - design page - but you got that, I just know it. :D).

2. Tape this design page to the film piece, design side to the plastic side of the film, so nothing is moving while doing next step!

3. This is how it looks while held against light - from paper side (design looks reversed) and looking from plastic side of the film (design is not reversed).

4. Trace design onto paper side, I did this against window.

 5. Remove paper page from film page and check if everything is ok - maybe you're missing some bits from design?

6. This step is quite tricky - you must cut out the letters (or any design you have in your case). I used manicure scissors, but you might also use sharp craft knife.

7. Also cut out any extra bits from already cut letters/design, for example, little triangle holes for letter 'A' and such. I kept these separately, so I knew that these were design pieces, not scrap film bits.

8. This is optional, but you can test your fabric paint onto a bit of scrap fabric, if you're not sure how good it is. When it was dry, I tried to wash the paint off, but it stayed, so it was good to use. :)
I used some acrylic paint my sister had, nothing fancy!

 9. To prevent paint from soaking through whole shirt, put a piece of paper or cardboard inside it.

10. I also marked place for paper page, so I knew that the design would be straight and in the right place.

11. When that is done, peel the film a bit from the corner and stick onto shirt.

12. Then continue peeling off the film slowly and work your way across the edge - make sure there's no wrinkles and mistakes.

 13. Keep on going until all design is stuck onto shirt. Make sure all the bits and edges are stuck down, you don't want any paint to run under the film, ruining all of your work, eh?

 14. Scrunch fabric a bit to see if design is really stuck down and lay it flat again.

15. Then stick on those little bits! At first, I arranged them onto shirt, so I could stick them on right away!

16. I used sponge for the paint application, so the paint was applied evenly, you can also make ombre effect with it!

 17. I had no place to squeeze the paint in, so I used a bottle cap I found, turns out you can scrape off excess paint against those edges, very useful!

18. Well, this picture above is pretty self - explanatory. :D Just make sure you let the paint dry a bit after each layer.

19. Now the most fun part - peeling off the film! :D

20. Well, this was a bit disappointing - the glue that was on the film kind of remained on the shirt, where I pressed it harder around edges, but I removed some of it using tweezers (kind of weird, but yes). Maybe this depends on the film I used, but this was a bit surprising.

21. If everything is fine, then iron the shirt, so the paint won't wash off. Then I washed the shirt, so the glue washes off.

Done! I hope you like it, I might do this with some different designs, too. :)