Circus Earrings

I was sat by my table and noticed this cute little circus tape I had put in a desk organizer.

I thought "where on Earth I could use it?" and then I thought that the circus tent pictures would make cute jewellry!

I made a pair of earrings - those are not very sturdy, but I was just lazy to look for better materials, so you can make these out of anything you like (also, if you get the same tape or something similar).

What I used:

- cardboard (next time I'd use a thicker one or even a piece of plastic)
- print tape (it's not a washi tape, but a regular one, bought it at Tiger shop)
- hot glue (you can use any strong glue)
- 2 earring posts (bought some on eBay, next time i'll buy ones with wider bases)
- scissors

First, decide what pictures you want to use. I went for the circus tents because they were the biggest and the easiest to cut out.
Roughly cut out the pictures. Make sure there's no dirt and bits on the sticky side of the tape, otherwise they'll show through.
Stick the pictures onto the cardboard and precisely cut out.

Glue on earring posts onto the back side and you're done! :)

Easy peasy lemon squeezy! :)