Apple Grilled Sandwich

Hello! I just returned from school, new school year for me has started only today!
Recently I discovered how to make these yummy Apple Grilled Sandwiches, I think these are going to be my new after-school snack! :) This is a fast and really tasty treat!

You will need:
- 2 Bread Slices
- 1 small Apple
- 1 tbsp Butter
- 1 tbsp Sour Cream (if you can't find it, I think you can use no-flavour joghurt)
- Cinnamon
- Sugar
- Bowl, Fork/Spoon, Knife, Cutting Board
You will also need a sandwich grill, the one that makes little triangle-shaped grilled sandwiches.
Picture source: http://www.xnet.lv/index.php?zoomid=20431

Turns out we have the same grill! :)
1. I would advice you to wash your apple. I choosed small apple, but I could take even smaller.
2. Then slice off all sides from apple, it will make chopping even faster afterwards!
3. Slice apple pieces and then chop everything up!
4. I already saw that I have chopped a bit too much of apple.
5. So I got rid of this apple. It became my victim. :D
6. If you also got rid of somebody and then cleaned up all evidence, you will be able to see a nice piece of chopped apple! ^-^
7. Turn on your sandwich grill so it heats up while you are finishing the recipe!
8. Put apples in a bowl and add some sugar, about a teaspoon - less or more sugar, it's up to you!
9. Sprinkle on some cinnamon!
10. Then decide how much butter you add, about a teaspoon or so will be fine. It will add great flavour to your apples.
11. Cut butter into pieces when adding to apples, then it will blend into apple mix better.
12. Then add in some sour cream. I know that some countries doesn't have it. It's normal, so you might substitute it with thick no-flavour joghurt. I think that it might work too. Sour cream gives that creaminess to apple filling, and also adds great flavor just like butter does!
13. Then mix everything well together!
14. Put generous amount of apple mix onto bread. Basically, all of it. No, that's not too much, it's the right amount.
15. Spread mix evenly out.
16. Put other slice of bread on top.
17. Then finally, bake your sandwich until it's golden brown! (I always wanted to say that on a recipe! :D)
Ready! Set! EAT! :)

Have a nice day! :)