DIY Air Refreshener

Hello everyone! :)
I have returned to post this tutorial for DIY Air Refreshener. It's basically just 2 ingredients mixed together, so it's nothing complicated!  :) And you can make it in a few minutes!

Well, you can customize the final result however you want, like add a ribbon to the jar or paint it, your choice!

You will need:
- Soda
- Essential Oil(s)
- Small Jar or Container
- Something for stirring everything up
- Foil to cover the jar
- Needle 
- Embellishments

 1. Pour some soda in a jar (the package was written in russian, if anyone's wondering).
 2. About half a jar is enough. I choosed this small baby food jar, but you can also use bigger containers than this.
 3. Then add about 20 or more drops of essential oil to soda. It depends on how strong you want your refreshener to be. At first I didn't felt any scent, so I added more oil afterwards.
 4. Stir everything well, so the oil blends into the soda.
 5. This is optional, but you can cover the jar with foil.
 6. And poke some holes in it with a needle. You can do the same with jar lid, but then you'll need something like a nail and a hammer to do it.
 7. You can also trim off excess foil for nicer look.
 Place your new refreshener where you want and your done! :)

Have a nice day! :)