Drawing Videos

Ello! :)

I made some drawing videos to show you how I draw some things. Maybe you can learn something from these, maybe you will get confused. :)

If you attempt to draw these, then keep in mind that I draw everything with light marker strokes and with kind of messy lines.
I also wanted to post a video for a cupcake drawing, but maybe I'll do that some other time. :)
I also tried something with crayons, but that looked like blah, so I ended filming that video in the middle.

I hope you liked them! :)

*UPDATE* I just got to know that 2 of these are blocked in some countries. Silly Cat Drawing video is blocked in 244 countries and is only available in 3 countries. I just wanted to make the vids a bit more interesting, so I added music to them, but I told what songs were used in the description. Unfortunately, I have to remove the music or do something else, because people can't watch these and they kind of have no point then. :( Suggestions, anyone?
Have a nice day! :)