Movie + Something New

Hello everyone! I'm back for now to tell you that yesterday I went to a film "The Impossible" and also something else that I'm going to announce later on this post.

Lo imposible Poster
Picture source: IMDb.com
So, the movie was emotional and though for me, but I managed to watch it without tears. I think it was also hard to get over it, because it was based on a true story and that this family really went through all that disaster that tsunami caused. If all of the details shown were really, really true, then I must say that I still wonder how those little kids survived without any scratches and their mother nearly died (I had that strange feeling all along the film that she wouldn't make it any moment).
Luckily, they all met each other again at the hospital and they got home! Yēs. :)

So, yeah, now I want to announce something! Something good! :)

About a week ago I started to learn to play guitar on my own! :) I'm a beginner, but so is everyone else who has never ever been connected with music before. I must be the only family member who has to do something with music now! But that doesn't mean I can sing. No, I can't, although I haven't heard myself singing seriously. :D
My brother's girlfriend gave me her guitar, because she bought it a year ago and didn't really learned to play it.
Picture source: http://www.made-in-china.com/showroom/nicola520/product-detailhqMEizuPvGYl/China-Classic-Guitar-MC-3902-.html

And that's it for now! I may be posting a new DIY project soon, so stick around! :)

Have a nice day! :)