Protecting Books and Notebooks

Hello! :)

I wanted to post this easy tip about a month ago, but here it is now. :)

I just want to show you how I protect my school thin cover books and notebooks from tearing apart.

I just put some tape all around the edges!

You will need:
- Tape (clear or colored, your choice)
- Scissors
- Books and Notebooks with thin covers.

 1. All you have to do is stick some tape all around the edge of your book or notebook. This one is my english book, wich started to look a bit chewed up, and as I plan to sell it afterwards, atleast the edges and corners must look somewhat neat.
 2. Then fold this tape over the edge. I would advice you to start fold it in the middle and then go towards the sides.
 3. Repeat until all edges are covered in tape.
 Don't stick cover with first pages by accident as I did.
Your books are now protected. No more teared up edges! :D

Have a fun day! :)