A Bit of Summer 2012

I was just going through some of my phone pictures and I found some pictures that suddenly reminded me of summer. No matter how boring it sometimes got for me, it sill was summer and I had a good time. :)

 I loved these Ice - Cream moments. Especially with this giant Ekselence ice cream. It's really yummy, I would eat one right now. :)
 And it turns out that I have two awkward ice cream pictures from two different events. :D
 Those are some pictures from beach and our back yard. I think this photo is from when we visited beach for the first time this year. :)
 And there you can see some of my girly activities, like making paper bunting for a party, having some palm tree seeds (my sister bought them for me in Tenerife), having some clothing pictures (I was so excited I pictured everything) and also my fabric bow business-making adventures.
And again some food pictures. I loved to eat fresh salad, berries (if I wasn't lazy to get to the bushes) and some other snacks. These just remind of summer!

If you ever get to Latvia, you should buy these Selga cookies (pictured above) and also that Ekselence ice cream I mentioned before, including other great stuff. I shall make a souvenier guide someday. :)

You probably now think that all I did was eat, but no, this is not a summary of my summer, just some photos that remind me of it. :) Maybe after some time in the winter I'll look them up again and I will want it to be summer again.