Some People Are Just Lucky

I just came to say hello to everyone and also that I won a ticket to Twilight Movie Marathon tomorrow! :) 660 minutes of Twilight.
Well, to be honest, I have never really been a fan of Twilight, at first, I couldn't get into the film and understand anything, but now I kind of get it.
I won the ticket on a Facebook contest. My sister entered, too, but she didn't won. Usually they give two tickets to anything on contests, but there the winners only gets one. My sister must buy her ticket, so we can go together. We even called them to know if we will be able to even sit together and they said that yes. Almost all the tickets were sold out, so we were worried about the seats! Because sitting alone from 8pm to 7am in a cinema would be kind of boring.

I was lucky enough to get the ticket, because there were only 3 winners! :)
Let's just hope that I won't be hungry all the time or I won't fall asleep! :D

Have a nice day! :)