I Became a Twilight Fan

Yeah, you read it right! I just confirmed that I have become a Twilight fan.
Image source: filmofilia.com

I just returned from the last film and I must say...IT WAS AWESOME! :)
Maybe I'm saying this because I got affected by this movie past week, including today, a lot, and that this film I just returned from had this EPIC battle and everything, I don't know. :)
Our movie gang almost started crying when we saw those awful scenes from the battle, like Curlisle's and Jasper's heads being ripped off or some wolf members being killed. I mean, how can they kill one of the main characters in the whole saga? At one part, we also thought that Edward will die, but he was fine. I also noticed this awesome epic battle music, gave it this epic battle feeling.
Oh, and that great feeling afterwards, to know that the battle wasn't real and that it was just a vison of Alice she showed to Aro. That was like...Oooofff...:)

I said that I got affected by this saga all week. Well, if you had read my previous post, you would already know that I went to Twilight movie maraton on Saturday. And that made me think of Twilight all week. And that made me into Twilight fan! :)

Ok, so...If...If I ruined all surprise for the movie for anyone, I'm sorry. But, actually I didn't made you read this, right? :)

Have a nice day! :)