Liebster Award

Hello! :)
 I got nominated for Liebster Award by Cecilia López from blog My Virtuous Hands! Thank you! :)
This is a award that helps bloggers with less than 200 followers to be discovered.

The rules are to post 11 random facts about yourself, answer the 11 questions asked by the person who nominated you, and ask your 11 nominees 11 questions. 

As i'm nominated for my very first blog award, i'm very happy to answer these questions!:)

11 random facts about me:

1. I like to take random photos with my sisters camera. Everyone says that those photos are weird, I call that "art".
2. When I'm trying to play guitar alone in my room, everything sounds kind of good. When someone actually listens to me, my fingers suddenly gets lame and I can't play anything.
3. I stutter alot when I'm nervous or, again, when someone pays attention to me. Otherwise, I can talk random stuff all day with no problems!
4. I love dress-up parties.
5. Sometimes I like to watch cheesy videos and interviews.
6. I have a Christmas tradition every year going on, where I have to receive a new pajamas or atleast a part of it, like socks. Let's see what i'm going to receive this year! :)
7. I can't say no to sweets. I guess I'm too weak! :D
8. Currently I like orange color very much. 
9. I don't usually talk about my likes.
10. I tend to be lazy even for things I like to do.
11. My family got to know about my blog by accident.

Answers to questions:

1. How did you started doing nail art?
Well, I don't do a lot of nail art, but I think I started to do something like that when I saw some nice nail art ideas!
2. Do you have any favourite tool?
As for crafts, my favourite tool must be scissors and hot glue gun!
3. What inspires you?
Beautiful crafts, movies, my favourite music, that can be anything! Inspiration can come anytime, by accident or just by doing something inspiring.
4. Do you have any other hobby?
Besides crafts, I started to learn to play guitar about a month or so ago.
5. Left or right handed?
Right handed.
6. Do you play any musical instrument?
Yes, I'm playing guitar, but I'm only learning to play it.
7. Do you paint your friends' nails?
Usually no, but I have done that before.
8. A place where you have gone and you want to go again.
Ummm, I don't really know, but I think I would like to go to our country side again, since our granny don't live there no more.
9. A place where you haven't gone and you want to.
England! That could be very exciting! :) And also my four fave singers live there, I could visit their gigs.
10. Something you want to learn to do.
Learn to drive a car and to learn to play guitar like a pro.
11.Do you prefer sweet or salty?
It depends on my mood, like now I would like some pickles, but anyways, I prefer sweet. :)

My 11 questions:

1. How did you started blogging?
2. Do you have any special talents?
3. What is your favourite musician/band?
4. Do you like long walks in the moonlight? :D
5. What do you like to do when your alone?
6. What is your dream for now?
7. Have you ever heard about Latvia? (Just curious)
8. What makes you happy?
9. What makes you sad?
10. If you just won huge amount of money in a lottery, what would you do?
11. What is the most awkward situation you have ever been into?

My 11 nominees:
1. Whimsical Mumblings
2. Almost Alice
3. Craft Sew Love Grow
4. Handmeidea
5. Minted Strawberry
6. Stuff Miki Eats & Makes
7. 11 Eureka

Maybe there could be more nominees, but I don't really know who else to nominate. :)