Filligree Inspired Paper Snowflake

Hello! :)
As I was very busy with school all the time, I wasn't able to post anything really useful. I also had promised some winter or fall craft posts I didn't do, I'm sorry.
But right now, I'll show you basics of cutting a Filligree Inspired Paper Snowflake. My friend showed me how to do this at school, as we were decorating our classroom (I was their leader! :D).

Well, mine isn't as filligree as you might see, but practice makes perfect and I'm sure that later I will cut better snowflakes.
Oh yeah, I forgot about my Warning Badges I made before, so here is one :D
You will need:
- Paper
- Scissors
- Pencil (optional)

 1. Take a piece of paper, like simple A4 page.
 2. Fold over to form a square.
 3. Cut off excess paper strip, while the paper is still folded. That triangle edge helps as a guide.
 4. Then fold your square in half 3 times. You should come up with a triangle like this.
 5. Draw snowflake pattern onto folded triangle if neccessary. This might help if you don't know what to really cut.
 6. Then just cut out the snowflake pattern.

Make as many as you like, and feel free to experiment with different patterns!

Have a nice day! :)