Hello! :)

I feel so guilty I haven't posted anything in a month. Yep, a MONTH. I must do something about it, but I don't know what to post!
 Well, I just finished a hat that was meant to be a small knit cowl at first, and I plan to make a new friendship bracelet for myself. Because I love myself so much, that I consider myself to be my own best friend. :D
I learned 9 open chords and a few strumming patterns for my guitar, and a few melodies. :) But I couldn't figure out what to learn next. So I found some awesome guitar lessons on YouTube, where everything is explained very well from the beggining, and I'm starting to watch these lessons from start. I learned some tricks I didn't before! :) And that's a good sign, that means I might someday play guitar like a pro.
Another reason (well, not actually) is school again. We have to write this Science project where we take a subject (in a few words,me and my friend took fat kids in our school), then we have to study this subject (we are giving away forms with questions about what they eat and do), then we analyse and write our results about this subject + we have to write some theory about it (why people get overweight, what they should eat, etc.). We have to finish this in two weeks, until Feb.5th, although we had all school year to do that. But people lazy much very. Yēs. After doing nothing we are quite busy now. But the bright side is, some of our classmates haven't started doing anything yet! :D
Ok, I'll do my best to post as much as I can. I said that again, I know. :)

Best blogger in the world,