Howdy! :D

It's my spring break starting today! :)

And I started to sort out my phone pictures! I've got like 900+ pics on there, including lots of DIY project photos I have and have not showed you, so I'm now sitting here and deleting pictures off my phone and sending them to computer! I tried to send them all at once, but the program crashed, so i'm just deleting those pics that were already sent and I'll try it again! :)

And I'll also try to get back to practicing my guitar, I must confess, i'm a bad person - I haven't practiced for like 3 or 4 days! :D Well, actually that is bad, so, yeah, back to practice! :) I just wish I had found justinguitar.com back when I started out, not about 2 months ago, because then I would have learnt so much more! But oh well, I'll get to proper playing someday!

Have a nice day! :)