Uber Fancy Awesome Homemade Peanut Butter!

Ello! :]

Guess what! :O

I made a tutorial video yesterday! :)
It's a video for how to make Uber Fancy Awesome Homemade Peanut Butter!
I saw the recipe on My Virtuous Hands blog, but I wanted to make a video again, so...yeah, I made it.
I know, I know, i'm not really explaining stuff as usual there, but I think that it is quite understandable. :)
I'm not talking there, as I couldn't get over the idea of talking to camera alone, maybe in next vids! :D
How I love that Dad bought as a new camera (not really new :D)!
I'm sorry about the zoom-ins in the vid, but I loved how 'sharp' the picture looked!
The song is from the Simpsons, where Homer was in the Land of Chocolate. :)
Enjoy! (some parts are  speeded up, so it's not that long)

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