Stud Earrings

 Hello! :)

I made some stud earrings awhile ago. I had made some polymer clay cabochon thingies, but I didn't have any earring posts. Then I bought some of those on eBay, but I had to wait for a long time for them to arrive! And then it took only few seconds to make them (if we don't count in the time it took to make the polymer clay thingies).

What you need is stud earring posts. If you're like me and you also live in Latvia, you won't find these in a lot of places, but if you do - they're quite pricey, and that's no fun.

 I bought these from eBay and the price was ok. Next time I'll buy some with bigger bases, these are about 3mm in diameter and I think that it's safer to use bigger ones - more area to put glue on, less chances for them to fall apart!

 There are 800 pieces for 400 earring pairs + earring stoppers.

 I used this super glue, but next time I'll use some other type of glue that's thicker, so the earring posts really don't fall off (all of mine earrings broke, maybe the glue was old or something).

 Basically, you just put a bit of glue on the back of the earrings...

 ...and glue on the earring posts (make sure that both earrings have posts at the same place).

 Then wait for the glue to dry, and that's it!

These are some of the things I used for my earrings.

And these are my finished earrings! :) Let me know if you make any!