Ahh Eurovision, you dissappoint me again!

Yesterday I watched Eurovision with hopes that Finland, Iceland, Hungary, The Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland, Malta and maybe even France would win.

But "one beard one them all", according to Tumblr.

I'm not going into details as to how I feel about this (my last post probably says it all, if not more), but I can say that I'm happy that they all got even this far. The Netherlands and Hungary were so close to the victory! And I sure will play Finland's and Iceland's songs a lot now. :)

Softengine - Something Better (Finland)

Pollapönk - No Prejudice (Iceland)

András Kállay-Saunders - Running (Hungary)

The Common Linnets - Calm After The Storm (The Netherlands)

Carl Espen - Silent Storm (Norway)

Sebalter - Hunter Of Stars (Switzerland)

Firelight - Coming Home (Malta)

Twin Twin - Moustache (France)

And that's it I guess!