Cake To Bake

Another year, and Latvia hasn't gone to the finals of the Eurovision.

Everyone loved it, Aarzemnieki made Twitter go crazy, and best of all - they made a song about cake and talking to unicorns play to the whole Europe, if not world.

I don't know what geniuses voted for some of the other lame songs that got in, because this is unacceptable.

We even made two hashtags trend worldwide. Two.

People voted for the same old awful, melodramatic songs, that no one, I repeat, NO ONE listens to after the contest ends. Can you safely say that you still listen to that "song from 2004 or whatever year from that far away country"? 
Nope. People seek for fun things to brighten up their day, not for someone who ate their mother and made a song about it - i'm looking at you, Belgium (might loose some followers,but he really looked like he ate his mum and cried about it) - or for someone who wants to bring love to all of the world while their own country does nasty things to another country.

At least Iceland got in, they also had a fun song that stood out, I liked it! And that's it.