Tasty Banana Treats

Bananas might not be your thing, but I sure do like them. They're yummy, they go great with chocolate, they're in their own little Nature's packaging (just like oranges, you can take them anywhere with you), you can pretend that a banana is a phone receiver (or a sword while you battle with someone) - anyways, bananas are our friends.
Now, I'm not going into details why bananas are so healthy and why everyone should eat them, so let's focus on this post.
My parents and I eat our own made muesli, and I must say, sometimes I feel like i'm eating it way too frequently. It's not even a breakfast food for me, I like to eat it after my dance class in the late evening (haha, forgot to tell ya) or while I watch TV, study, etc.

 I eat this muesli with joghurt, but sometimes, when we have our friends bananas around, I like to add them into the mix. It makes one big bowl of yumminess and it makes me full as if I've eaten dinner or something!

To make this nourishing dish your good ol' aneniine recommends, follow this already-explained-above tutorial:

Take a banana. Any nice banana will do. This one seemed a bit brown and sad, so I took it to my good care.

Then pour some muesli into bowl. Our muesli contains one part nut, raisin and berry mix, candied pineapple, rolled oats, and one part store-bought muesli of similar content, which also contains dried bananas and ... probably the same things we add to it. You see, the regular muesli comes in rather small packages and it seems rather plain, so we add more "good stuff" to it, I especially love more nuts in it.

Then slice in some banana, I didn't even added the whole of it. (you can eat it or save it for the next yummy thing I made, pictures below)

Then add joghurt, as much or as little as you like; whatever joghurt you like!

Then mix it up and enjoy! :)

The next yummy treat includes some bread. My mum decided we will no longer eat regular white bread, so we eat this one with seeds and different flour instead (we sound so super healthy, haha).
Thank god we have zillion types of bread here in Latvia!

I had a quick idea to toast a slice, you can skip this step if you'd like to (it's all about choices in this post :D ).

Then generously spread Nutella over it (or take any other chocolate cream, my brother bought this giant jar and I just had to dig in!).

Then put slices of banana on it. I took the remaining banana from my muesli dish.

And that's it, enjoy this one too! :)

Actually, I didn't even planned on having this post, I just took pictures "as always" and I just happened to be in some kind of "le blogger mood", and this giant post of doom was created. :D

Well, enjoy the yummy pictures and make something for yourself! :)