Graduation Outfit

Hello! :)

As some of you may already know, I graduated a week ago. I thought that someone might want to find out what I was wearing that day! :)

I usually don't make fashion related posts,but I think that I could start posting some once in awhile.

 The most important piece of my outfit - dress. It's a red lightweight chiffon like fabric dress, I bought it from H&M. It wasn't that easy to choose a dress, as there was a wide variety of them! :)
And thank goodness that now there's H&M in Latvia! It made this shopping a lot easier.

 Another essential - shoes. Believe it or not, but these were also bought on H&M! :D At a different day and another shop, these were the last ones I bought from all the outfit.
Why? Well, I was looking for cream or champagne colored shoes all over, with no luck. All shoe stores carried either granny shoes or super high heels, or very expensive shoes. Then me and my sister became very desperate and we bought these. But i'm glad we did, because I'll surely be wearing them more in the future! :)

 My other sister gave me this beautiful jewelry set as a present, it's from Kazene, a little latvian jewelry shop!
However, she gave me this before we bought the shoes, and I wore another necklace, so it would match them (I can still wear this one everywhere else). If we had found those cream shoes I was talking about, it would match this necklace instead! :D

And if anyone is wondering what curling iron to use for that hairstyle, it's this one. :D Or any other one you have, because my hairdresser was using a different one at the beginning! (I just happened to have the same one as her)

I planned this to be a short post, but I can't do shorter ones, I want to tell you almost everything! :)