I graduated!

It's official - I've graduated from highschool on Friday!  (Friday the 13th, haha)
Time flies really fast, I still remember how my mum told everyone that "little Anete will start going to school this autumn" 12 years ago and how I thought what will I be like after those 12 years! :)

I know i'm going to miss school, no matter how awful or time consuming it was sometimes, because it really felt like my second home. I wish I could go there again or just stay, but I don't have this choice anymore like I had it after finishing 9th grade!

But here's something not to make you teary-eyed:
I usually wear glasses. However, this time I wore contact lenses. But, I suppose as it was Friday the 13th, one of my lenses fell out just before the graduation started! I couldn't get it back in, so I spent all of the evening with half great-half horrible vision. :D
I'm glad I didn't fell over somewhere during the ceremony, especially when I was called one of the 8 honor students and when I had a bit more attention to me(that sounded so arrogant, i'm sorry). :D

Anyways, here are some graduation photos with a bunch of flowers:

This is when I got called to come in front of everybody (others were also doing the same thing, only I got some diplomas and stuff), my parents had to come too.

This is me and my friend Arta

Celebratory cake - we were also celebrating my brother's name day, which was the same day

I suppose that this is the most I've shared of my personal life in awhile! Didn't show all of my family photos, because it would be a bit awkward, not sure if my family would approve it! :)

Anyways, what you've been up to? I might aswell make a post about my graduation outfit!