New things around my blog

Hello! :)

As some of you may have noticed, I changed the look of my blog. I jumped to the violet-ish color scheme, I made the sidebars less cluttered, as I made a new social media icon thingy! I also learnt to make a header with my own custom page buttons (if you want to know how, I'll give you some links!).
I was very scared to change any thing (although I saved my previous page template code), because I also swithed to a new blogger template! And I was afraid of changing colors, as my previous colors were quite cosy, but these are like BAM!, very bright.

This look won't be on forever, as seasons change, I might aswell change things over here. Also, i'm still tweaking up some things I don't like and some stuff is missing (Link Within and the new Contact page, where are you?).

How do you like it? Feel free to comment below! :)