A print?

Soooo...I may or may not have just painted a print. A watercolor print to be exact.
Umm..So I have to like..I  dunno.. Scan it into computer or something?
I know I made a tutorial on how to get a sketch onto a computer, but that's basically working only for black and white drawings.
What do I do with a colored painting/drawing?
Like, you know those prints they sell, for example, on Etsy? I'd like to do something like that in the future. To have my drawings/paintings as a high enough quality computer files and maybe sell them or something along those lines.
I'll have to investigate this thing, because that pineapple thing I did is darn cute I started to like watercolors! :)

If you sell prints yourself/know someone that does it/have some info, you can let me know in the comments! :)

(I was talking about this tutorial, and this ^^^^^ is the result, hehe)