DIY Collar Chain

 Hello! :)

Here's another quick tutorial for you - how to do your own collar chain!
You probably already have everything needed for it, and you don't have to buy the real deal either.

 What you will need:

- A pair of stud earrings
- Chain (a necklace you don't use anymore or one that's bought at a craft store)
- Jewely pliers or scissors (optional)
- Collared shirt (so you can wear it!)

1.You'll need a chain. I took a chain that I didn't use and removed the closure part, then connected it back together. It was quite difficult as the chain links were very tiny and I didn't have proper pliers.
You can also use a chain with bigger links and also one that's bought at a craft store.

 2. The rest is very easy - poke one earring through the collar and hang the chain on the back of it. (Just look at the pictures, they're pretty self-explanatory)

 3. Then put on earring back on the other side as usual to secure it.

 4. Repeat for the other tip of the collar and you're done! :)

 Feel free to experiment with different pairs of earrings and different types/lenghts of chain. And the best part - you can have collar accessories that still function as earrings! No need to buy the two!

 Here I folded the chain in half so it looks like I have more chains attached (I guess I should've taken bigger earrings for this look).