Blouse To Kimono Transformation

There was a blouse that I didn't wear and that I didn't really liked. It just didn't fit right when I put it on. I think my sister gave it to me, and it was bought at a thrift shop, so I didn't mind transforming it.

It's a simple chiffon fabric blouse-thing with floaty sleeves, so I thought that it would make a nice kimono instead of this blouse-thing.

I lied it on the floor and marked the middle with a fabric chalk.

Then I just cut it in the middle as I marked. It was a bit strange to cut it at first, because I never really cut clothes (except for jeans to make shorts). :)

Then I tried to finish off the edge of it with my fancy sewing machine foot that is made for this purpose, but I was very rubbish at it (it was the fabric's fault). :D  I wish I had a trim of some sort to sew all around the edges!

Here you can have a small peek on how it looks (I just couldn't photograph myself properly, sorry).

Kimonos are trending right now, but they're just too expensive! I saw one that was like 30 euros and it was on sale, I just don't understand it! I've seen people make ones out of scarves or making them from scratch, so I think it's easier to make one yourself. Just an opinion. :)

Would you rather buy a kimono or make one yourself?