Festival Inspired Outfit Wishlist

 Hi there! :)

I was meaning to do this post quite some time ago, but I couldn't really finish it. Why? Well, I dunno, sometimes i'm even just too lazy to do fun stuff. :)

This is festival inspired outfit wishlist. I started this post before I went to Positivus Festival (i had a blast there, but it's another story!) so I didn't really know what I could wear there.
But let me tell you - I wish I could go there again and possibly take these clothes with me!

I picked out clothes for different weather, so you might aswell take notes for yourself! :)

For the HOT weather:

 HAWAII Wedge Jelly Sandal Shoes // MOTO Floral Denim Hotpants // New Look Oversized Bun Garland // Shoulder Bag // Favorite V-Neck Tee

I wore a lot of shirts of all kinds and I found the floaty ones the best in such a hot weather we had! You can also switch to a tank top to avoid unwanted untanned shirtsleeves. I also wore shorts for all three days and so did other girls over there, so these are essential for a festival. Cute sandals are also useful in a hot weather, espeacially these - if you get dirt and sand in them, they're super easy to clean out. A carry-all bag is awesome and fringe adds to the awesomeness, aswell as a flower bun garland!

For NOT SO WARM weather: 

AIR Festival Wellies Clear Jelly Rain Boots // Ronnie Stone Wash Denim Jeans // At Republic Quilted Bomber // Heathered Knit Tank // English Rose Flower Headband // New Look Backpack in All Over Palm Tree Print

I wore long trousers only on the last day's evening because it was raining and a bit chilly at first (I would of wanted to switch back to shorts afterwards, but there was no time for that). I wish I had taken a jacket with me because I only took some sweaters. At one moment I was dressed like a little sandwich with tee, cardigan and sweatshirt on top. :D My keds weren't very flattering also, so as a result I looked like a little tomboy, I think (or maybe not). A tank top and a proper rain jacket would of been a better solution. To not loose all the girliness, I'd also wear a flower garland, which I didn't have. A cute backpack also doesn't hurt at a festival and look at those wellies! They're clear, so everyone can see your socks, but anyways, how cute are they? :) I wish I had some waterproof footwear like this aswell.

ICONIC Flat Pump Skate Shoes // Fifi Monochrome Palm Tree Relaxed Trousers // Mineral Wash Sweatshirt // River Island Zesty Lemon Turban // New Look Lemon Fruit Clutch

This is a fun look that could also work with shorts (yes, shorts again)! I wish I had everything from this look, especially the sweatshirt and the shoes. The sweatshirt is so bright and so 80's, I just need it in my life! :D I was wearing my H&M sweatshirt during all three evenings and it kept me very warm and stylish, but I wish I had another one in another color, maybe like this one! And these shoes would of been very nice too. The trousers also look very comfy and the citrus fruit accessories would complete this look perfectly. :) I think that this would be my favourite festival look out of these three! :)


I looked at all of the Positivus Festival photos afterwards (in news portals and such sites) and I could only see people with eye-catching and often plain weird outfits. From the photos, you could assume that most people there just went crazy with their look, but actually everyone were quite normal with a few exceptions. Maybe next time I'll find something interesting to wear too, like, I made a feather crown/headband but I didn't take it with me because I thought that no one wears those, but I was so wrong. There were people who wore the huge native american feather headdresses, so mine would look pretty normal. :D

How did you like this post? What festivals have you been to? :)